Backup Now! – But how much?

I’m sure every single one of us has come across this situation at least once in our lives, that we lose data which aren’t backed up! Be it personal data or work related, it is not less than a mini heart attack – when you see that popup spring onto your pretty little screen – saying your data is corrupted or hard disk is formatted. More than enough to make your blood pressure sore high up the sky. Then guess what the first thing that our “Google” generation does? Yes that’s correct! Google for a solution. Read multiple articles, go through various comments and reviews and be satisfied in that little corner of your heart that there are a few people around the globe who have gone through the same pain and agony you are going through right now! And after trying out a few solutions suggested by our helper Ms. WWW, if you are among the luckiest few, your problem may be solved and your data gets recovered.

Uff! Thank Goodness!

Congratulations – You escaped, what you thought was the world’s biggest and difficultest ( I know that isn’t a word ) problem of that moment.

But… What if you don’t recover the data? What if the college assignment you need to submit tomorrow morning has been erased or the work deadline is approaching and your project is gone? What if your most favourite pictures from the most memorable trip you recently went on got corrupted and now there’s no way to get them back?

That’s why BACKUP! Always, backup your important data coz digital media is not trustable- back it up on your extra hard disk or on the cloud. But you can use this advice for the next time. What about now? What about the data that’s already lost? What if you can never get it back?

How does it matter?!!

Seriously! How does it matter that your data is not available and you’ll either have to do all the work again or get over the fact that your pictures have gone! It isn’t a big deal. You have the memories in your head forever. And if you have done the work before, you can surely do the work again.

You don’t have to worry so much about stuff that hardly matters. You don’t have to think about what’s gone and won’t come back. These are petty things that are beyond what should ideally matter. There are a million things that are happening around you that you can’t backup anywhere. There are a zillion memories that you can create right now if you stop sulking over your lost data. You have to learn to let go! You have to learn to move forward. And most importantly, you have to realise what’s worth your attention and what’s not.

So backup when you can – and it’s perfectly fine when you can’t!

You have to sometimes tell yourself –

It’s Okay to be careless!

It’s Okay to make a few mistakes!

It’s Okay to Live!




Let’s Celebrate Earth Day! :D

Date: 22nd April, 2016 – Happy Earth Day!

Let’s celebrate the planet Earth today – one among the nine planets in the universe (Pluto is not a planet though, the ninth planet being “Planet Nine” which was discovered on Jan 20th, 2016). Anyways, what do you think is the best part of OUR planet Earth? The greenery, the food, the water or us – inhabitants?

A different take on the best part of Earth is that it’s maybe the only thing that is common to all the life that exists on it, be it Humans, animals or plants. It is everyone’s!  Everyone and everything can call it theirs – probably the only thing that can’t be discriminated. On no basis, whatsoever. Be it a poor begging man on the street or the world’s richest in a Lamborghini. A white man or a dark-skinned woman. There’s no difference on how much Earth belongs to whom.

That’s how beautiful our planet Earth is, and that’s the best part! Probably the only part that unites us – across the globe, err, across all of Earth! So let’s celebrate unity today, for once! Let’s celebrate the beauty around us! Let’s celebrate the joy and love and on top of it all – let’s celebrate LIFE today.

Let’s all celebrate our Earth today – in unison!!

Happy Earth Day from all of us at one2one! 😀


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The food mood!

Who doesn’t like food?

Me? You? We? Who?

Nobody! There’s nobody who dislikes food! You may dislike a particular cuisine but you can’t not like food in all! So here’s a dedication to the least valued asset – Food!

There are people who mention hobbies in their resumes as being a foodie. I say tell me one who’s not. You maybe on a diet, but you can’t guarantee the fact that when you’re on a diet and you see a man, right next to your table, who ordered a cheese toast, and you do not have watery taste-buds.

Still waiting for your guarantee! Which I’m sure isn’t coming our way anytime soon.

Plus, it is said that “Good food is Good mood”! Don’t you agree? The food that you eat is directly proportional to the mood you are in! If someone’s cranky around you, you know that they must be on a diet. (See, we are giving you psychological tips 😉 ) If someone is super chirpy, you can take it for granted that they must have had their favourite food. And your productivity also greatly depends on how good your food intake has been! You tend to work more if your stomach is full and tend to be not-so-productive if you have a stomach upset!

So, in short, food is good and so is your mood – if you’ve had good food! 😀

Good for us, the whole team loves food as much they love designing (if you didn’t get it still – it means more than anything else in this world)! Be it a pizza party that we recently had, or the small munchy breaks that we believe to have in regular intervals of times. According to an informal policy of one2one, whenever you feel down – have a mango shake! Yummy policy I say. And to much of our delight, our breaks prove to be very mood-changing.

And as in this very second, the co-founder comes to me and says – Will you have a mango-bite! 😀

I told you so!

So here’s to food! Here’s to the good-mood that’ll follow. And here’s to one2one!

Cheers! 😀


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The “un”-boring Monday! :D

Hi all!

I know it’s Monday and everybody has been cribbing and sulking throughout the day. Just crawling through the day, waiting for it to just end as soon as it is ever possible. With sleepy half-opened eyes, getting up in the morning so unwillingly, getting dressed in the most dull colours to get to work, and of course, getting late – All because it’s one of those sad Monday mornings.

But here the visual is quite the opposite – wait, not quite, completely opposite ! We were more than excited to come to work, all dressed in the brightest summer shades and earlier than usual. In fact, (now I know not many will believe this) we were almost kicked out on Friday evening out of the office by the building authorities, coz we were working late. Yes, on a Friday evening.

That is #one2one! It gives you the zeal to work. The passion to create magic. And the confidence to tell the world with “boring Mondays” – Bring it on!

We also ended up doing loadsss of work. The construction of the website is in process and is coming out to be Reallyyy Goood! Numerous clients are connecting with us and new projects are just rollin’ in. Proposals are being sent out, new graphics are being designed and before even realising, the time flies away. As unbelievable as it sounds, a monday just flies away for us!

So now we realise why they say

Mondays are not boring when you love your job

– and who else could understand this better than us!


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When it shows!

Okay so we have almost finished with the initial setup and started with the official work. Official Business Time has begun! And by official business time, we mean designing at its best and hard work at its crest. The work that we do #one2one involves skill, talent and creativity which shows in the end product that we deliver. The joy we feel when we see our finished artwork, say, a visiting card, is much more than the person whose visiting card it actually is. The finalised poster design of an xyz event gives you the contentment that is more than event’s organiser itself.

And you know what’s the best part? When the client sees it in the artwork. Says your hard work shows. Says you are one of the most creative names available in the market. Says that I am lucky to find such talent in you. That is definitely the icing on the cake! Chocolate icing on Chocolate truffle pastry, that’s heated for 20 seconds exact.! Yum!

And that’s why we say – It shows.

Here’s the work we do – and we enjoy doing !



Colors and Life!

The most awaited festival of colors is here and everybody around are more than excited! Fists filled with colored powder and pichkaris with water thrown on each other and fun everywhere. Colors are the most integral part of our lives, but we hardly realize it! Love is associated with red, Calmness with blue, Anger with black and Peace with white.

But have you ever imagined what would life be without colors? What if the sky would be red, leaves blue, snow pink and blood green? Sounds like we are in the middle of some horrible dream.

On the contrary, playing with colors and mixing them without restrictions is what all design is about. And one2one is all about design. When a new project comes in hand, all put in their heads to decide what colors to use in the artwork. And the proportion of the perfect amount of the perfect colors makes the perfect art.

Let’s add some color to our boring black n white lives that are always behind the black n white gadget screens. Spend time with your closed ones, loved ones and some hate ones too! 😉 Coz you know what!! Bura na mano, Holiii hai!

Celebrate colors. Celebrate Design. Which simply implies, celebrate one2one ! 😀


#holihai #happyholi #one2one

Day 2!

Oh yes! Day 2 is here and we are more than excited, as always 😉

Working at one2one means working with fun! And by fun we mean music, entertainment, laughter and, of course, brewing coffee!

Coffee – the most important part of the day is the amazing coffee we have – and more important is the discussion that comes along with it. Even though the coffee preferences are different for each one of us, one likes super strong (Expresso + Cappuccino + almost no sugar), one likes medium (Latte + Cappuccino + 4 cubes of sugar), one likes super light (Latte + Latte + 5 cubes of sugar) , but the professional decisions always go parallel. And that’s the best part, which shows in the end product.

So here’s to our Coffee-Breaks and to day 2, March Twenty Two!


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